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Prevalence and distribution of the use of medicated glasses and refractive errors among Nigerian youths in a tertiary institution in Rivers State Nigeria

*1Aguwa U. S., 1Ovie F.O., 2Onoikhua E.E., 1Olu S.I., 1Nnawuaku G.O., 3Ukoba O.

1Department of Human Anatomy, Faculty of Basic Medical Sciences Madonna University Nigeria

2Department of Optometry, Faculty of Health Sciences, Madonna University Nigeria

3College of Medicine, Virgen Milagrosa University Foundation, Phillipines

*Corresponding Author’s E-mail:

Received May 21, 2017; Accepted June 15, 2017



The use of medicated glasses as visual aids was associated with the elderly,but in recent times the population of younger people using medicated glasses is alarming.Academic excellence is dependent on a number of factors of which clear comfortable binocular vision is dominant. Genetic, cultural and environmental factors play key roles in the prevalence and distribution of refractive errors. This study estimated the prevalence and distribution of the use of medicated glasses and refractive errors among students of Madonna University Nigeria, Elele campus, Rivers state. One thousand (1000) questionnaires were randomly distributed to 3rd year undergraduate students in various departments in the college of medicine, including Anatomy, Physiology, Medicallab. Science, Optometry, Public health, and Pharmacy. 852 (85.2%) of the questionnaires were retrieved and analyzed using simple percentages. Data collected included information on age, sex, state of origin, place of residence and presence of refractive errors. Our results reveal that North-west region had the highest prevalence of the use of medicated glasses among youths at 61.29%.This is followed by south-west (55.67%), south-south (36.27%), south-east (31.67%), north-central (19.67%) and north-east (15.79%).On the average, the prevalence of the use of medicated glasses is 41.20% in the Southern part and 32.25% in the Northern part of Nigeria. The incidence of refractive errors also followed the same trend with North-west having (93.55%), South-west (50.51%), South-south (32.88%), South-east (27.67%), North central (18.03%) and North-east (15.79%).The highest occurring refractive error among the six geopolitical regions of Nigeria is myopia (54%), followed by hyperopia (21.01%), astigmatism (15.30%) and presbyopia (9.46%). This work represents the first attempt at having a comprehensive outlook at the statistics of the use of medicated glasses among Nigerian youths as well as the incidence of refractive errors among Nigerian youths.


Keywords: Refractive errors, Spectacles, Medicated glasses, Madonna University.





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