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International Research Journal of Basic and Clinical Studies Vol.4(2): pp. 018-022, December, 2016
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From the Metabolic Syndrome to a Normal Status

Aurelian Udristioiu1* and Manole Cojocaru2

¹Clinical Laboratory, Department of Hematology, Emergency County Hospital Targu Jiu and UTM University, Bucharest, Romania

²Titu Maiorescu University, Faculty of Medicine, Physiology Department, Bucharest, Romania

*Corresponding author e-mail:


The aim of this study was to determine the effectiveness of a standard physical exercise protocol interms of returning patients with signs of metabolic syndrome (MS) to a normal metabolic status.Patients showing signs of MS (45 adult females and 35 adult males, 20-50 years old) without anydisability applied a combined treatment consisting of a hypocaloric diet (<2,500 kcal/day) and aprogram of physical exercise using a fitness bicycle. Prior to the exercise program and without anytreatment, 23% showed a healthy lipid metabolism, 28% presented high LDL and low HDL, 14% showedan atherosclerotic index and LDL/HDL >3.5 for males and >2.5 for females, 5% exhibited valuespredictive of coronary risk (CHOL/HDL >5), and the remaining 30% had dyslipid syndrome types 2-4,with high cholesterol and triglyceride levels. After 3 months of standard physical effort, 64 patients(80%) exhibited normalized biochemical results and a normal health status. Of the patients who failedto respond to this standard physical exercise regimen, 16 (20%) might require drug-based treatment inaddition to exercise and dieting. The diet/exercise combination presented in this study was effectivefor treatment of MS.

Keywords: Metabolic Syndrome, Qualitative Index HOMA, Waist-to-hip Ratio, Metabolic Equivalents, BodyMass Index.

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