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Improvement of methods for receiving high quality grape saplings by in vitro method

Sultanov K.S.

Tashkent State Agrarian University, Tashkent Uzbekistan

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Received January 22, 2017;  Accepted February 13, 2017



The most important link of nursery garden is the production of the certified cuttings and saplings from super intensive mother plantation. The perspective trend in nursery gardening is growing saplings with closed root system [a container crop] on the artificial substratum and soil substitutes. It allows planting of green cuttings (grafts) and test-tube plants into open ground in any season. Taking into account of these circumstances there is necessity of improvement methods and adaptation ways of test-tube plants of grape to non-sterile conditions came into being.


Keywords: Grape, Varieties, Saplings quality, Adaptation, Reproduction, In vitro, Virus free, Growing.




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