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Why not transform the world? UNAI GRACE School for Achieving UN Sustainable Development Goals

Young-Gil Kim, Ph.D

Chairman of UN Academic Impact Korea, Founding and Emeritus President of Handong Global Univerisity Pohang, Korea

Corresponding Author’s E-mail:,

Received November 28, 2016;  Accepted December 18, 2016



The world is facing global issues such as climate change, clean energies, moral decay, materialism, etc.  The origins of these global issues were man-made and man-induced and therefore only a major paradigm shift in human mindset and behavior could solve these global issues we face today.  However, the current education systems focused on skill set development to contribute to the individual, corporate, and national prosperity. The current education systems have neglected to teach the importance of human morality; honesty, integrity and the social responsibilities of global citizenship such as sustainable growth.  To promote intellectual and social responsibility of higher education institutions, the United Nations launched UNAI (the United Nations Academic Impact) in November 2010, and the 17 Sustainable Development Goals were adopted by the United Nations General Assembly on 25 September 2015.  In response to the urgent need of the global initiative to implement Global Citizenship Education for transformation of the 21st Century, the world first UNAI GRACE (Globally Responsible Advanced Citizenship Education) School was initiated in Korea. It was initiated for all universities around the world for intense exchanges of education programs, research and development, and especially for developing countries educating global entrepreneurship for their sustainable development.


Keywords: Climate Change, Sustainable, Transformative, Honesty, Responsibility, GRACE 


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