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Trends in Sausage Production

Akpan, I. P

Department of Animal Science, University of Uyo

Corresponding Author’s Email:

Received July 3, 2017; Accepted July 28, 2017



Proximate composition of raw and blanched dried leaves of Cnidoscolus chayamansa was determine using standard analytical methods. The result revealed the following contents in g/100g;Dry matter, 91.27±0.01 and 91.55±0.07, Moisture, 8.73±0.01 and 8.45±0.07, Crude protein, 20.43±0.026 and 25.14 ± 0.04, Crude lipid, 6.85±0.016 and 7.41±0.03, Crude fibre, 8.64±0.017 and 8.72±0.08, Total Ash, 8.12±0.02 and 10.03±0.02, Nitrogen free extract, 47.22±0.041 and 40.25±0.10, Gross energy, (Kcal/100g) 275.77±0.082 and 277.76±0.70 for raw and blanched dried samples respectively. The study established the nutritive potential of the leaf for consumption by both human and animal since availability is guarantee all year round with little or no effort in it cultivation. Blanching as a processing method adopted in this study was efficient.    


Keywords: Proximate composition, Raw, Blanched, Dried, Chaya, Cnidoscolus  chayamansa, Leave. 







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