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Design and fabrication of pneumatic charcoal kiln drying   characteristics and residence temperature for cat fish smoking

1Idi-ogede A.M, 2*Ogori A.F and 3Omoniyi S.A

1Department of fisheries and Aquaculture Federal university Gashua PMB 1005    Yobe state Nigeria

2,3Department of Home Science and Management, Federal university Gashua PMB1005 Yobe state, Nigeria

Corresponding Author Email:

Received  July 2, 2017; Accepted August 8, 2017



The fabrication of pneumatics charcoal kiln for fish smoking was done with the objectiveof replacing the existing open kiln smoking of fish. The pneumatic kiln of rectangular metal plate made from wrought iron of 2mm thickness has three chambers: The fan chamber, powered by a solar energy, charcoal chamber and the smoke chambers respectively. The chambers were insulated with 20mm thick thermosetting polymer which is welded inbetween two wroughtirons.  At the end of the smoke chambers is connected a pneumatic pump pipe that further assists in heat convective flow mechanism during operation. The kiln is operated autmatedly by switching in the fanset button. The machine performance was evaluated using cat fish, smoked to an average moisture content of 47.1.% within an average time span of 1 h, and the average final weight of the dried fish was 1.03 Kg. It was projected that increasing time for drying from 2-3 hours and maintaining  residence temperature of 60-83OC , pneumatic charcoal kiln could become   best  potential  fish kiln  that can  keep fish longer without  further spoilage.


Keyword: Cat Fish, Pneumatics kiln, Moisture content, Temperature, Smoke charcoal, Chambers





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