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Recently Published Articles

Research Article G. S. Effiong I. E. Udoh, G. E. Essien D. O. Ajibola and K.O. Archibong Effect of aqueous extract of Tetrapleura tetraptera on excision wounds in albino rats [View Abstract] [Full Article - PDF] [Download Full Text] pp. 57-60 (202 KB) Int. Res. J. Plant Sci. 2014;Vol.5,No.4 DOI:
Research Article Effiong G. S. and Essien G. E Evaluation of hypoglycemic and hypolipidemic effect of chloroform and methanolic extract of Nauclea latifolia (rubiaceae) on alloxan-induced diabetic rats [View Abstract] [Full Article - PDF] [Download Full Text] pp. 53-56 (150 KB) Int. Res. J. Plant Sci. 2014;Vol.5,No.4 DOI:
Research Article Edward Maina Andafu and Enose M.W. Simatwa A Critique of the Kenyan System of Education in View of the Freirian Concept of Education: A Philosophical Perspective [View Abstract] [Full Article - PDF] [Download Full Text] pp. 331-347 (258 KB) Educ. Res. 2014; DOI:
Research Article Enose M.W. Simatwa, Samson Omondi Odhong’, Stella Lucy Atieno Juma and Gaudencia M. Choka Substance Abuse among Public Secondary School Students: Prevalence, Strategies and Challenges for Public Secondary School Managers in Kenya: A Case Study of Kisumu East Sub County [View Abstract] [Full Article - PDF] [Download Full Text] pp. 315-330 (4,425 KB) Educ. Res. 2014; DOI:
Research Article Rosebella Achieng’ Waga and Enose M.W. Simatwa Hygiene and Motivational Factors that Influence Job Satisfaction and Dissatisfaction among Teachers of Public Primary Schools in Kisumu East and West Sub counties, Kenya: An analytical Study [View Abstract] [Full Article - PDF] [Download Full Text] pp. 296-314 (293 KB) Educ. Res. 2014; DOI:

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Our mission is to  contribute to the progress and application of scientific discoveries, by  providing free access to research information online without financial, legal or technical barriers. All International Research Journals articles will be freely distributed and available from multiple websites.

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Open Access is a publication model that enables the dissemination of research findings to the global community without restriction. Thus, all articles published under open access can be accessed by anyone with internet connection.

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